Lacey is ready to step in and help out with any writing project.

Lacey Piekarz, owner and principal consultant of Peak Composition, has more than a decade of experience providing a wide variety of writing consulting services across Colorado and the West.

She begins every project by actively listening to your needs and working with you to break down your project into tasks, milestones and deadlines. Laidback but focused on compliance, accuracy and efficiency, Lacey has a knack for leading complex projects confidently and effectively.

Her approach is a unique blend of optimism and flexibility tempered by experience — she knows your services are fantastic and competitive, and she’s ready to take on the obstacles that can hinder even the best teams in pursuit of the win. Her goal is to prevent problems proactively early rather than react to them later on, and she has the project management experience to realize that goal.

She’s a writing and language nerd with a newfound love of bicycling and an all-abiding passion for nail polish. She can make tailored beer recommendations if you’re in the mood for a brew from any of the incredible breweries in Fort Collins. Favorite films include The Big Lebowski and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (and any other movie with equally clever dialogue appealing to her linguistics-lover heart).