What does “Peak Composition” mean?

To compose is to write, to create, and to put together to make whole. At Peak Composition, we don’t stop at writing — we learn about your business needs and pull together information, resources, and materials to tell the whole story, with words, graphics, presentations, and more.

This is true in a practical sense, as well: In addition to writing, Peak Composition also offers proposal management and coordination, template design and layout, and curriculum development. We’re not just a copy-writing or editing company — we offer a wide array of services to support your business development needs.

I have an urgent project! How do we start?

Email or call Peak Composition now! We can accommodate most project timelines, but get in touch quickly to make the most of your schedule.

Where are you located?

Peak Composition is headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado — but most of our clients work with us remotely from elsewhere in Colorado, Utah, California and beyond.

Do you work on site for your clients?

Occasionally! Work location depends on the urgency of a project and the particular needs of a client or project. Give us a call and let’s discuss your project scope and schedule.

What software do you use?

Peak Composition is flexible and able to work with most ecosystems, but we’re particularly skilled with Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Office products.

Can you teach us how to use InDesign?

We would love to help you and your company move your desktop publishing to InDesign! Call or email today to discuss a plan.