Other Writing Services

Resumes and Cover Letters
  • Resume drafting and tailoring
  • Resume revision and editing
  • Cover letter drafting and revision
  • Interview prep
Grant Writing
  • Grant research and mission matching
  • Message and organizational story development
  • Application drafting
  • Grant application management
  • Grant reporting and follow-up
  • Grant application and report revision, editing, and proofreading
Marketing Communications
  • Writing and refining copy
  • Identifying differentiators and sales messages
  • Developing brand messaging and strategies
  • Generating, revising and editing content for:
    • Websites and email blasts
    • Newsletters
    • White papers
    • Success stories
    • Case studies
    • Product demos
    • Presentations and interviews
    • Trade shows
    • Leave-behinds
Editing & Proofreading
  • Style guide development
  • Glossary/index/table of content development
  • Editing and proofreading at any stage of drafting
  • Research and Source Management
SME Interviewing

Using project overview, will contact identified Subject Matter Experts to gather requested information. Useful for resumes, project write-ups, proposals, white papers, case studies, success stories and more.