Editing & Proofreading Service Levels

Level 1: Proofreading

Light Touch | Superficial changes

Correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization, verb tense, subject-verb agreement, pronouns, spacing and formatting consistency. Ensure text matches required style (APA/MLA/Chicago, corporate style, etc.).

After Proofreading, you will likely not need to do anything further with the text before publication.

Level 2: Editing

Medium Touch | Some substantive changes

Make changes necessary for text to be clear, correct, concise, complete and consistent. Includes attention to sentence structure, paragraph structure, repetitive language, strong/weak word usage. Existing tone and voice remains intact.

After Editing, you will need to review the changes to ensure they meet your needs. Includes Level 1 Proofreading services once Editing is finalized.

Level 3: Revision

Heavy Touch | Major substantive changes

Includes rewriting of sentences, paragraphs and/or sections as needed; reorganizing on a local and global scale within the document; research and add new content as directed.

After Revision, you will need to review the document and provide guidance for further Revision, Editing, and/or Proofreading.