Using Word Better: Adding “Lorem Ipsum” Filler to Your Document Instantly

Sometimes you need to add filler text to your Microsoft Word document to see how your formatting plays out or how text flows from one page to the next. If you’re like me, then you’ve probably copied and pasted the “lorem ipsum” text from the Web to your document.

There’s an easier way!

In Word, simply type “=lorem()” into your document (minus the quotation marks, of course) and press enter. Voila! You just inserted a few passages of lorem ipsum into your document in nine keystrokes.


If you know how much lorem ipsum text you want inserted, you can insert number values into the parenthesis: =lorem(x,y). The first number value represents the number of paragraphs to be inserted, and the second number value represents the number of sentences each paragraph should contain.

Entering “=lorem(5,9)” yields this:


Look at all that sexy lorem ipsum! This simple Word trick is so easy and fast, you’ll never Google “lorem ipsum” again.