Using Word Better: Adding Random Text Filler to Your Document Quickly

Adding filler text is an easy way to make sure that your Microsoft Word document is formatted effectively. But sometimes finding that filler text takes more time than it’s worth. Word has a little-known feature that allows you to quickly and easily add filler text to your document without having to borrow from other documents or search online.

Simply type “=rand()” into your Word document (without the quotation marks, of course) and press enter. And now you have a few paragraphs of random filler text!

If you know how much filler text you need, you can insert number values into the parenthesis.


The first number value represents the number of paragraphs to be inserted, and the second number value represents the number of sentences each paragraph should contain.

Word pulls this random filler text from the Help documents, which can be useful if you prefer to look at English text. However, if you or your eventual reviewers will be distracted by the English filler text pulled from Help, then you should try out the “lorem ipsum” filler text trick instead!