Using Word Better: Quickly Change All-Caps to Camel Case

If you’re like me, you’ve probably hit the caps-lock key while feverishly writing — and before you know it, you have an entire paragraph of all-caps shouting back at you from the page. Who wants to go back and retype that whole passage with caps-lock off? Not me! And not you either, if you’re at all interested in saving time.

Microsoft Word saves the day! Simply highlight the offending shouty text and press Shift + F3. This keyboard shortcut cycles through all lowercase to camelcase (normal sentence capitalization) before returning to all uppercase text.

This shortcut won’t preserve any correct capitalization, like proper nouns, but fixing those is less time-consuming than rewriting an entire sentence or paragraph. Now, shout away if you want, since you know you can quickly return to an indoor voice with Shift+F3.